Nata Ngai

Natalie Ngai
Wollankstraße 27
13359 Berlin

Figurative forms of everyday objects

I believes jewelry is an art form which engage research in order to discover new avenues and meaning for wearable art. My Jewelry works are inspired by existing remnants and discard materials. By casting them into metal combined with stone setting, its a new metaphor to bring a harmonious composition to the wearer and giving the objects a new life.

It start with a small part from a carton egg box. The texture and the concave form from the carton box raise my tentative interest to transform it into a metal piece. 

Reassemble this interesting concave and convex characteristic of this cast metal part, the orginal shape give a tiny room to conceal something precious. With the contast of the rough paper silvery texture and raw edge detail. A oval checkboard cut cushion smoky quartz sit beautifully.